Do you have interlocked surfaces at your home or office space but are unsure how to maintain them? Do not worry, for we have got a thorough guide for you! Get Renovate is one of the most professional and customer-oriented interlock companies in Ottawa. They are committed to providing their customers with high-quality renovation services and aspire to meet international service standards. Hence, you can trust and implement their advice to maintain your interlocked floors. 

Maintenance of interlocked flagstones, walls, steps, patios, walkways, or driveways is essential since it makes the place look visually appealing and removes the hassle of continuous renovations. If you have availed of Get Renovate’s interlocking services, you can be completely relaxed about the quality of your flooring for a long time. The only task you are required to carry out is the maintenance of these surfaces to have a holistic experience. There are only a few simple pieces of advice that you need to follow to keep your interlocking safe and clean. These include:

1. Use a Pressure Washer to Clean The Surface.

Interlocked surfaces, especially the outdoors, can have different stains on them—for example, fallen leaves, flowers, oil, or grease. Using a pressure washer has several benefits for interlocked surfaces. It can help remove long-term stains, small objects, and debris. It provides stability to the pavers, which makes them last longer than usual. Pressure washing is an easy and quick method to maintain the quality of your pavers without causing any damage to your interlock. However, please remember that you do not wash the pavers from a very close distance when using a high-pressure spray. This can damage the blocks and make them more prone to withering off. Try using a wide spray nozzle so that there is enough pressure to remove stains but not damage the flooring.

2. Place Polymeric Sand in Between Interlocked Stones.

Once you have pressure-washed the floor, you have the option of filling your surface  with polymeric sand. Polymeric sand helps fill gaps between the stones and makes the surface more stable and secure. As polymeric sand is made of sand and binder, it establishes a strong bond between the pavers once placed between stones. Although it is not compulsory for you to do so, gaps can often weaken the basis of the surface, making it more likely for the stones to fall apart.

3. Only Use a Plastic Shovel During Winters.

Using a plastic shovel to clean the snow on your driveway or walkway is essential so that the surface under the snow does not get destroyed. Using a metal shovel can scrap your surface or even chip off particular parts. Plastic shovels, however, are much lighter and can help maintain the quality of your interlocked driveways and walkways. Also, refrain from dragging any other metal objects on the floor.

4. Minimize The Use of Ice-melting Products.

It is imperative to note that although ice melting products can be an easy and time-efficient solution for snow removal, it is not beneficial for interlocked surfaces. This is because ice melting products contain harsh chemical ingredients that are likely to damage the interlock stones. However, if you are in dire need to use ice melting products due to extreme accumulation of snow, use them in minimum quantities. You can also contact us to take advice on how much would be beneficial as per your driveway or walkway area.

5. Use The Correct Cleaning Machine Size.

Using the appropriate size of machinery for cleaning your interlocked flooring matters a lot. Specific machines suit all dimensions of the floor. Do your research and purchase the right machinery. In case you are still confused, you can also contact Get Renovate for their advice, as they have one of the most skilled teams within the interlock companies in Ottawa. 
In case of further questions and queries regarding how to keep your interlocked flooring safe and secure, feel free to visit the Get Renovate website. You can also contact us via phone or email if you need any advice regarding renovation services in Ottawa.