Have you ever wanted to have a beautiful garden with lush green grass without having to go through the hassle of sowing seeds and waiting for the grass to grow? If that is the case, then Get Renovate has the best solution for you! You can now install fresh sod in your lawns and gardens. Sod usually consists of rolls spread on surfaces, where grass and the soil beneath are held by the root system or a thin layer of biodegradable material. Sod can make lawns look healthy and visually spectacular.

Get Renovate offers one of the best sod installations in Ottawa, so do not hesitate to call them if you are willing to make your lawns visually appealing. Even if you are not entirely ready, feel free to contact them as their expert staff can help address any of your queries. Sod installation is a beneficial investment; therefore, it is also necessary to maintain it properly. A few steps, if followed correctly, can help keep your sod fresh and alive for a long time.

Fresh Sod Care:

When sod is newly installed, it requires special care and maintenance to last longer. There are only a few simple pieces of advice you need to follow, within the first three weeks of installation, to keep your grass as green and clean as ever. These include:

1. Watering The Sod

Do not let your sod dry out at all. To keep your sod damp, do not overwater it as it will wash out the essential nutrients from the sod and can lead to disease. Water the sod three to four times a day for almost five to ten minutes during the first week and twice a day for thirty minutes from the following week. While watering the sod, ensure that you provide the grass with at least one inch of water so it can easily reach the roots. Try not to water the sod in the evening or at night. The best time to water it is in the morning as there are negligible chances of water evaporating due to sunlight. 

2. Minimize Heavy Objects or Concentrated Activities on The Sod

Avoid any heavy exercise or stepping on the lawn for at least two weeks. This is to ensure the sod’s firm establishment of roots. Any heavy object placed on the sod can also destroy the roots even before they are fully grown, making it difficult to maintain the sod in the future. 

3. Rolling The Sod

Once the sod is dry enough to walk on, you can tamp or roll on the sod with a lawn roller to ensure that the sod is firmly in contact with the soil and has no air bubbles.

4. Mowing The Sod

Only after the third week can you mow your lawn. You can try lifting your sod from the sides. If you cannot do so, your lawn is ready to be mowed. However, the roots still have to be established if you can easily lift the sod.

5. Fertilizing The Sod

Fertilize your lawn only after one month of the sod installation. Your sod will have enough fertilizers during the installation time. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the fertilization process for at least a month. However, if you notice discolouring or weak growth, you can contact Get Renovate to avail of their fertilizing services.

Following all the fresh sod care steps is, although an achievement, it is imperative for you to take care of your sod in the long term too. Watch out for any diseases or insects that can harm your sod. New sod is often vulnerable to fungus. If the grass starts turning gray, you can use an organic fungicide. Also, you must occasionally lift your sod to keep an eye out for insects, particularly white grubs, as they can cause damage to lawns.

In case of any further questions and queries related to sod installation in Ottawa and how to keep your sod lush green, you can contact Get Renovate through phone or email.