Everyone wants their house to look beautiful and unique, people get decorations and renovations to get the desired look, and fence installation brings you a step closer to that. 

No matter how many installations you make to the house, they all demand care and maintenance to look their best. Everything withers after a while and your fences might also start looking old and decayed. To prevent that from happening, you must regularly care for its maintenance and repair.

Another reason for the decay of your fence can be your pets; we have seen dogs munching on the fences, which causes cracks in the fence, and they practically eat it, which is not good for either of them. To avoid that, there are some materials that dogs don’t like to chew, so if you own a wild pup, it is better to do thorough research on fences before getting one, so it is easier for you to care for it.

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Importance Of Fence Maintenance

A well-maintained fencing installation can last for years and stay in great shape, so you might ask why maintenance is necessary? Well, prolonged exposure to various weather conditions can play a significant part in deteriorating your fencing. 

Your beautiful-looking fence can lose its luster and start looking pale and exhausted, wooden fencing can be seriously affected by exposure to sunlight, and a single warm single is enough to make it look worn out. 

Extreme weather conditions like extreme heat or cold can cause wooden fences to expand abnormally, crack and eventually lose their shape; the cracks make it easy for the insects to start living in the fences, and the problem keeps growing. Regular maintenance procedures such as sealing and polishing can really help keep the luster alive; it restores the protective layer on the fences and minimizes the damages done by the exposure to climate.

How To Maintain Fence?

After knowing the importance of fence maintenance and repair, you might wonder how exactly you can ensure that your fences always stay in great shape, but you don’t need to worry. We are here to tell you the basics of maintaining fences so you can apply them, and rest assured.

Keep It Clean

Avoiding dust alone can work wonders for your fence. It is important to keep it clean so no insects make a home there and clear debris and dust to avoid mold and mildew that might rot the fence. You can use a pressure washer to clean the fences and clean out the particles that might be entangled in your wooden fence. 

Bugs can also make nests inside your fences, and this can create problems not only for your fence but also for your house. A wash from a professional fence washer once in a while can be great to take out the dust that has settled there for years.


If you want the weather exposure not to affect your fences, staining is one of the most effective ways to ensure that. It makes the fence less susceptible to decay and rot. You will need to sustain it right after installation, and then you can repeat the procedure once a year before the monsoon seasons to ensure that the protective coating is intact, and so does the luster of your fence.

Repair Right Away

Another way to ensure your fence always looks as good as new is to keep up with the repairs as soon as they are spotted. If the nails and fasteners whose job is to keep the tight fence start to loosen up, you must arrange the repair for them right away and get it fixed. You can also re-polish and re-paint any area of the fence that might be scraped or peeled. Arranging a repair right away can help you avoid any bigger issues in the future.

Get a fence company in Ottawa to help you care for your fences so they can look as good as new for a long time. Get in touch now.