Interlocked flooring is the new current trend in the world. It does not only provide utility to customers but is also visually appealing. You can install interlocked flooring in several places, such as entrances, driveways, office spaces, kitchens, walkways, or pool decks. However, every site demands its unique style and design. This is where interlocking comes in handy, as it offers customers a variety of design and colour options to choose from. To decide what type of interlocking design you want for your flooring, you need to consider a few factors. For example:

1. Size Of The Area You Want to Cover

If the area you wish to cover is large (for example, an entire backyard or entrance), and if your house has a lot of steps and window wells, you will require interlocking pavers that are deeper than twelve inches. If the space has some other objects (for example, a small garden area, fire pit, or barbeque table), you might not require a lot of interlocking pavers. If the area is small (for example, only a part of the entrance or backyard, near the stairs or the pool), then simple interlocking would also work for you.

2. Shape Of The Area You Want to Cover

Next, you must look at the shape of the area you need to cover with interlocking pavers to decide if you need an intricate or simple design. There are three ways through which you can design your interlocked floor. These include:

a) Installing the interlocking pavers in straight lines with ninety-degree turns (this gives the place a modern and simplistic look.)

b) Installing the interlocking pavers in the shape of a circle, semicircle, or kidney (having a curved design can waste material and increase labour costs. Moreover, achieving a curved design is a bit tricky, so there are chances that your floor might have imperfections if you plan on placing the pavers in a curve.)c) Installing the pavers randomly (this makes the place more children-friendly.

3. Type of Pavers or Tiles That You Require

You can choose different types of paver stones and patterns to cover your area. There are large, medium-sized, and small pavers. Some are dark-coloured, and the others are light. The various colours in which pavers are available include black, gray, beige, white, brown, and red. Interlocking pavers can give you three types of looks: modern, ritualistic, and traditional. Your choice can depend on your interest and how you want your place to look. Get Renovate can provide you with valuable insight and advice on which type of pavers would look the best in your area, as they offer the best interlock in Ottawa. There are several interlocking stones that you can choose from. These include:

1. Pavers and Slabs

Pavers and slabs are the most suitable for walkways, entrances, and driveways. They have high-performance durability and can easily tackle the weight of heavy objects such as cars and bikes. They are made using authentic natural stone and give the place a sleek and modern look.

2. Permeable Pavers

Permeable pavers are environment-friendly and prevent rainwater from accumulating in a specific place. They are suitable for walkways, patios, and driveways.

3. Natural Stone Slabs

Natural stone slabs are created from actual rock formations. They are suitable for places such as pool decks or fire pits. They give the place an excellent finishing and rustic elegance

4. Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are usually installed outdoors in places of entertainment, for example, near a backyard pool. They have a minimalistic design and make places where they are installed classy.
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